Brand Ambassadors

If you or your financial institution are new to social media, you may feel that you need to hire a brand ambassador. However, you should know that you already have them. Actually, you have many! Employees can be, and SHOULD be your best brand ambassadors.

A bank that has been taking advantage of this is BBVA. They developed an entire ambassador “scheme” in order to push their “core values”, which are integrity, simplicity, honesty, sacrifice, the spirit of endeavor, commitment, and teamwork. One of the ambassadors they cherish the most is Carlos Soria. They have a photo on their website of him, underneath which they include a little tidbit of information. They talk about why they value him as an employee and how he represents their company.

Using your employees as ambassadors is all about getting to know your employees and making sure that their values match the company’s; that they identify with the company. TheExchange4FI youtube channel gives tips about using social media for small businesses. This video explains how to make sure you employees understand their role as brand ambassadors.

The Financial Brand gives tips on how NOT to tweet if you are representing your financial institution. They have given examples of foolishly posted social media content that is simply out of context. Such examples include a post that talks about funny baby elephant videos. When it comes to context, think about what you would talk about at the bank, if you wouldn’t, they advise you don’t post it.


4 thoughts on “Brand Ambassadors

  1. This is so true! Employees are one of the most valuable assets to a company, and executives should recognize that more. Learning about employee communication in class has really opened up my eyes to how employees are brand ambassador’s for the company they work for. Your blog post portray’s an excellent example of that!

  2. Customers really are the best brand ambassadors. If you go to a bank and they provide you with a outstanding service then you will most likely let everyone interested in finding a bank know about them. Why is that man their favorite brand ambassador? I wasn’t sure how the man connected with the bank. He looks like quite the adventurer though, and you said that was one of their qualities. I recently saw a commercial on TV with a situation like that. I can’t remember the exact bank or business, but it was a woman who got her first loan from this certain bank and now her business had blown up! Im sure you could google it if you wanted more info!

  3. I think this is important to note that the the financial brand gives tips for their employees behavior on social media because at the end of the day once someone posts something, it is out there forever and even if you delete it someone is bound to see it. I think making sure employees are all on the same page when promoting and regulating a brand is important to create a unified corporate identity to the public. Employees are major brand ambassadors and should be well versed on what their company stands for and help each other uphold the integrity of the bank.

  4. Stephanie Gross says:

    This is a very interesting note. I think this bank is brilliant and has a great branding strategy. It’s such a simple concept yet many companies refuse to act this way. Employees can and should be brand ambassadors. Hopefully other banks (companys for that matter) will take note!

    I also agree with Ashby’s comment. Employees should be educated on financial brand tips.

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