Taxes and Social Media Part 2: Getting Help

If you do not have the money to spend on hiring someone to prepare your tax returns, you will have to prepare your taxes returns yourself. This can be difficult and many look to online resources for help on how to make sure they are filling out their tax forms correctly.  You could go on websites like for quick tips Yet, there may be better options. Many companies are utilizing snackable social media to help people with their taxes. They will produce short video clips with tips or instructions on how to do certain things when it comes to filling tax forms for the IRS. This allows taxpayers to gain trust in the company and then eventually want to buy their product or service. The majority of companies that use this tactic are banks and tax help companies. One such example is HR Blocks snippet on filling separately or as a married couple.

The IRS has workshops online for filing taxes, but they are not so snackable.

If not using a video, some companies use their website to offer tips on filing taxes. H&R Block has this tax calculator on their website which attracts people to their website and may lead them to want to purchase their services. Turbo tax also uses this tactic, but it is slightly more obvious that they want you to purchase something, as all the calculators are only to “try”.

Turbo tax also sponsors a blog called “The Tax Center” which is a part of the website DailyFinance. This blog gives tips about E-filing and other tax related hints. This is a smart tactic because they are making themselves part of the IRS conversation. When people are searching for help, they’ll see turbo tax everywhere.


4 thoughts on “Taxes and Social Media Part 2: Getting Help

  1. This would be such a great way for banks to reach out! I would definitely use a bank for future business if they made something as cumbersome as taxes a bit easier on me. I know I would love to take in some snack-able content on how to do all that stuff. I am a bit familiar with Turbo Tax. My dad uses that for our taxes and they must make it fairly simple because he always knows exactly how to do it and it seems so easy.

  2. Taxes are always something that people complain about having to do and I know more and more people are learning to do them on their own. Banks could definitely jump on the bandwagon and try to make “snackable” videos in order to gain customer support. Banks could really use attention to their customers when it comes to taxes to build recognition to their brand. However, this is probably easier said than done. My mom and dad also use TurboTax and find it extremely helpful and easy to use.

  3. Stephanie Gross says:

    This is definitely a clever way to get traffic to their websites. No one likes doing their taxes, and many people seek help when doing them. If I ever needed to fill out my tax forms I would most likely end up on a bank website at some point searching for advice. Banks can definitely benefit from the relationships it creates with people by providing free advice. The only issue is the ease at which taxes are completed these days. There is a lot of competition from businesses who specialize in taxes, accountants, online services, as well as other free advice.

  4. Taxes are never an enjoyable thing to do, but this video can make it more interesting and less confusing. Personally, as a 20 year old, I still have no idea how to pay taxes, and the thought of learning about it gives me anxiety. But with these short, easy videos, it is much less stressful to learn about taxes. I agree that they should be using snackable media, but don’t forget to explain to the readers what that means!

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